Founded on a breezy summer night in 2020, Lumix Creations is a Canadian candle company that holds the power of positive affirmations close to heart.

Drawing inspiration from the word ‘Lumo’ - 'Light' in Esperanto, historically known as the language of hope, our mission is to bring in more of that beautiful light through our products, into your lives.


Every candle is accompanied by a corresponding affirmations card that you are welcome to read while you light up your candle. These affirmations are clean and non-toxic (just like the candles!) and will allow you to connect deeper with the positive intentions written.


This way, we manifest and bring into our daily routine, the energies we wish to surround ourselves in.

Lumix Creations Affirmation Candles Logo
Lumix Creations Mission


Our top priority is to reconnect you to your most uplifted and enlightened 'you', by using the power of intentions and positive affirmations.

Every candle includes a card of strictly positive affirmations, their purpose is to generate those "feel good" hormones in our brain which create positive thoughts. By using the power of positivity, we alter our emotions and mental state and thus are able to create the reality we seek.


We believe in constantly evolving and becoming better, practising empathy towards those around us and ourselves, and most importantly- spreading love.

Gandhi's quote "If you want to change the world, start with yourself" truly captivates what we're trying to say.



Lumix Creations Candle Sustainability

When starting Lumix Creations, we made sustainability one of the main goals and the research began with selecting our wax of choice. There were many various waxes available, the options ranged from well-known paraffin to popular soy, and to natural beeswax.

While each wax has its benefits, we chose a lesser-known, coconut and apricot blend as our wax of choice in order to offer a longer, cleaner burning candle that doesn't sacrifice the scent throw or quality. This beautiful wax is vegan, toxin-free and is made from environmentally friendly, renewable sources.

To further reduce our ecological footprint, all candles are recyclable (including the labels!) and are packed in recycled and/or recyclable packaging. This includes the candle's box, affirmations cards, shipping materials and boxes!